Environmental Education

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The environment is a physical, biological and socio-cultural area in which the living beings keep on their relations throughout their lives. Environmental effects are the changes that people, businesses, products and services bring directly and indirectly to the environment. Population growth and technological developments accelerated the already fast consumption of resources and the increase of waste that affect the environment adversely. Thus living in this environment has become more difficult every day and has started to affect everybody.

Preventive work has created the opportunity to control risks through the “Sustainable Development” in the 90’s. Let’s explain this without any further delay.

Wastes – Hazardous Wastes

From the production to the final elimination of wastes and hazardous wastes, we suggest a guidance on safety precautions to prevent their direct production or indirect purchasing, to control their production and transportation, to prevent their imports, ensuring the required technical and administrative standards in the management of their exports, to decrease the number of their production site as much as possible. When their production is inevitable, we establish adequate disposal facilities to the closest area and provide an adequate management to safeguard the environment.

Transporting of Hazardous Materials

Transportation of hazardous materials on roads such as chemicals, flammable, flammable materials is increasing every day.

The risk level of our country is increased by the number of traffic accidents. The negative impacts of the accidents that may occur during the transportation of hazard loads are important both for the environment and public health. Because of the aim of carrying hazard loads, special regulations have been prepared, and special responsibilities have been assigned to the transporters, the driver and the receiver.

Under this circumstance; we are ready to give you the support in the required training in order to identify and label the general hazard properties of the substance, to take precautions after accidents and unexpected situations, to know the significance of the safety during loading and unloading of hazardous materials and to create the awareness of their responsibilities.